Sunday, 9 July 2017

Talking of butterflies...I saw a Fritillary, Comma and Peacock up the hills today

For the last few years we've had just a couple of Silver-washed Fritillary butterflies in the hills just down from the slope between the reservoir area and the road to the hotel. There is a healthy colony in Snitterfield Bushes which is maintained by the Wildlife Trust in order to nurture them. They lay their eggs of Dog Violet of which we have plenty in the woods. But whether or not our ones are migrants from Snitterfield or are reproducing here I don't know.

In flight there is a passing similarity to the Comma butterfly. However, the Fritillary glides and soars. It will also fly along pathways at low level in a mating dance.

Both are shown here.

The Comma is so named because of the white mark on its wing which resembles the punctuation mark. It has an interesting lifecycle in that when its wings are closed closed it looks just like a dead leaf. In that state it will attach itself to a twig and pass the winter in hibernation.
Comma Welcome Hills July 2017

Comma showing leaf-like closed wings and white comma mark, Welcome Hills July 2017

Comma butterfly showing distinctive shape, Welcome Hills, July 2017

Silver-washed Fritillary, Welcome Hills July 2017
Fritillary, Welcome Hills July 2017

 And finally, I found a beautiful Peacock butterfly. No doubt the culprit responsible for those caterpillars on the nettles...
Note how the underside is black - bottom picture.

Peacock butterfly, Welcombe Hills July 2017

Peacock butterfly, Welcome Hills July 2017

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