Wednesday, 20 July 2016

I saw lots of butterflies in the sunshine

Look at all the butterflies you can see at the moment. I snapped all of these yesterday and today.

It was great to see the Silver-washed Fritillary up the Welcombe again this year.

The Gatekeepers are now appearing…. smaller than the Meadow Brown and with two white spots. The Meadow Brown has just one.
Gatekeeper July 16

Meadow Brown July 16

Comma July 16
Comma July 16
The Comma in flight could be mistaken for the Fritillary but when it settles its cut-out wing shape makes it distinctive.

I was watching Water boatmen in one of the cattle watering troughs - how did they get there? - when my eye caught the blue of the lovely Holly Blue and it settled in the mud. Picture at the bottom.

Red Admiral July 16
Saw this beautiful Red Admiral in the tree this morning. Then what I thought was a Large White but turned out to be a  Brimstone bleached in the bright sunshine to the eye but captured by the camera in its usual pale green as below.  
Brimstone July 16

Small Skipper July 16

Small Skippers are emerging and usually found on the purple flower heads of the Spear Thistle. This one (below) settled on a grass stem.

Holly Blue July 16

Ringlet July 16
The Ringlet above was seen this morning. Easy to identify - it has rings on its wings. Look for it in the grass. Plenty of Whites dancing in the sun. I saw this Small White yesterday but look our for the Green Veined White and the Large Whites. Often these are hard high or in the trees.