Sunday, 2 July 2017

I saw loads of butterflies and bumble bees up the Welcombe this morning...

The other day I posted a link to a Facebook page dedicated to brambles link on the Friends of Welcome Hills page. Brambles are good for butterflies and their flowering coincides with the bees and butterflies that feed off them. Thistles are also good for the same reason.

Of course they are both a pain if you're not a butterfly or bee and if they are in your garden. However, look at the following pics to see why we need to preserve wild areas, resist the urge to tidy the countryside up and go out and enjoy what we are lucky to have right on our doorsteps.

Small Skipper on thistle Sunday 2nd July 2017

Small Skipper on bramble July 2017

 Bumble bee on bramble July 2017

Comma butterfly July 2017
Ringlet butterfly July 2017

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